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Wood Utilization

Do you ever wonder what happens to the wood and debris that we haul away after we trim or remove one of your trees? There are a number of ways to put this material to use so that it is not wasted. Here are a few examples of what we do with excess wood and debris.

Wood Chips

We collect our woodchips until we have enough to fill a semi truck or two. Then, a hauling company picks them up and hauls them to a co-generation plant where they are used as boiler fuel to heat a facility or generate electricity. Occasionally, they are used for compost or converted to engineered mulch for use in landscape beds.

Saw Logs

Some of the trees that get removed are close enough to a driveway or street where they can be accessed by our crane. Of these trees, some contain one or more merchantable logs which are hauled back to our yard for storage. When we accumulate enough merchantable logs to fill a logging trailer, they are then hauled to a mill where they are milled into lumber or other forest products.


All hardwood logs that are not merchantable are cut and split into firewood. After drying for a season they are ready to burn in your fireplace or wood boiler. Please contact us if you are interested in having one or more face cords of seasoned hardwood delivered right to your home.