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Diagnosis & Treatment

Our ISA Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat tree maladies caused by insects or diseases. Treatments are recommended only when necessary. In most cases our arborists recommend an integrated approach to deal with your pest problem. This may include options other than pesticides. For example, pruning, fertilization, mulching, watering, and soil enhancement are options that can improve the health of your tree or shrub and help reduce insect or disease problems.

Some problems are not related to insects or diseases. Our arborists have the ability to diagnose these abiotic disorders and can offer recommendations to help improve the health and appearance of your tree. Some examples of these disorders include:

  • soil pH
  • soil compaction
  • sun scald
  • frost cracks
  • over/under watering
  • incorrect planting
  • …and more