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Consultation & Diagnoses

Hazard Tree Evaluation

A complete hazard tree evaluation provides a customer with scientific data and risk analysis, so that the tree owner can decide whether to remove the tree or mitigate the risk. While this report can be very helpful in determining what course of action is best to take, we cannot guarantee the status of any tree. Trees always have risk because of their potential energy, concealed defects, unpredictable weather and proximity to targets.

Tree Value Appraisals

We have provided tree appraisals for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Appraisals can be presented to our customers in a professional written report.

Soil Analysis

Tree problems often begin below ground. A soil analysis can provide accurate data on nutrient availability, pH, and soil compaction which leads to an appropriate course of action.

Landscape Consultations

If you are planning a new landscape or if you are trying to improve your current landscape, Urban Foresters can offer a full-scale proposal to promote the health, safety, and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. Consultations are tailored to each client and site.

Educational Speakers

Urban Foresters has ISA certified arborists who are able to speak at your next green related event. From garden clubs to Arbor Day presentations, we're passionate about trees, and we enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge with the community.