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Other Services

Crane Rental

Our crane and operator are available for other types of work as well. Please call us to inquire about renting this equipment for your next project.


Urban Foresters sells mixed, guaranteed seasoned, split hardwoods by the full and half face cord(s).

  • Firewood is available by delivery only
  • Individual pieces are approximately 16-20 inches in length
  • One full face cord is about 150-160 individual pieces
  • One half face cord is about 75-80 individual pieces
  • Call late autumn to ensure timely delivery for the holidays!


Woodchips are available by the truck load (about 7-10 cubic yards)

  • Chip quality varies on a daily basis
  • Chips are not dyed or colored and may contain leaves, twigs, and bark
  • Woodchips are available by delivery