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Site Preparation & Land Clearing

Construction is highly traumatic to trees. Prior to breaking ground, we can meet with you and your contractors to prioritize which trees should be preserved and which should be removed. We can then help you prepare the site for the upcoming construction so as to minimize the damage to the trees that are remaining in the landscape. We also provide recommendations for post-construction care. For more information on trees and construction visit Trees are Good.

Land Clearing

Here at Urban Foresters, we have the equipment and experience necessary to fulfill your land development needs. We have worked with custom builders to clear small areas while preserving featured trees. We are equally experienced clearing acreages for large developers.

Our Equipment

We own and operate whole-tree chippers, forestry mowers, a Hydro-Ax, land-clearing stump grinders, and various other pieces of equipment which help us to do our work in a safe and efficient manner. Along with the right equipment, we also have the experience working with committees, city governments and other regulatory bodies. When you hire us for your clearing work, you will be hiring an intelligent, conservation-minded team with land clearing development experience.